Where are Past Lives Come From?

Do you believe in Past Lives? We have been thought to believe what can be demonstrated. There are a lot of things, though, that happen without considering if we believe them, or not. For instance, it is not yet demonstrated how few milligrams of cytoplasm can have embedded the color of the future child’s eyes, the height, the hair color, the degree of health, the IQ, et cetera.

And yet, it happens every other second on the Earth, a child is given birth. Where is that come from? We cannot explain. However, it has been demonstrated that any particle of matter has a particle of energy. When we were born, where that energy came from? When we die, where our energy goes? Cannot just disappear, “nothing gets lost, everything transforms”. That’s true! Our kitchen table has energy, our shoes, cloths, even the road we drive on, has some kind of energy.

Now it comes the fun part: any bit of energy, others call it quantum energy, has a memory. Human’s memories are bits of energy. That’s how our brain functions, cannot disagree with that, it is proven!

When our soul leaves this planet, that energy conserves. It transforms to something else but us. Maybe a flower, an animal, a table, or another human being. If we expend our mind horizon, this happens for thousands of years. Here where Past Lives come From!

How to access Past Lives

The memories of past lives are hidden in our life script, in our subconscious mind, and if we want to access them, there is a way: Hypnosis. We have to be in deep trance in order to reveal those memories waiting to be uncovered maybe for decades.

Only if we bypass critical mind we can then see how did we leave 100 years ago, or maybe 1000 years ago, or even in cave-man era. That’s exciting! Wouldn’t you like to see, feel, hear, smell the life decades ago?

I would! The beauty is after we “visit” our past life or lives, nothing changes in outside world. We will remain the same. So why not trying. Let see what we can find out about ourselves..

What is Hypnosis

Hypnosis entails a process of relaxing the mind and body to induce a trance-like state where our normal “information filters,” go into suspension. In doing so, we temporarily open a “doorway” into the subconscious mind, and we become very receptive to new information. Hence, we can implant new ideas directly into the subconscious mind via suggestions and creative visualizations.

As these new ideas are continuously flowed into the subconscious, the old programs weaken and begin venting out of the mind. As a result, the new ideas become accepted as known, and begin influencing us at the subconscious level. In other words, we start acting in the new desired way on “autopilot.”

And best of all, hypnosis is actually quite easy. It just takes a bit of conditioning, and a commitment to engage in the process on a regular basis. If you do, positive change becomes inevitable, and you become someone who exercises more conscious control over your life.
Remember, before you see change in world around you, you must see change within yourself, and Hypnotherapy can help you become the change you wish to see