Hypnotherapy has a very efficient set of techniques to eliminate migraines and chronic headaches – thermo biofeedback. I know individuals who have periodically migraines for 2-3 days every month or so, for their entire life. Pills, psychological treatments and other approaches have no effect.
Migraines keep reoccur and the cause and cure remain unknown.

Hypnotherapy has solutions for migraines – can reduce and even entirely eliminate them in few sessions.

What are Migraines ?

Migraine headache usually starts bi-laterally- on both sides of the head – and localizes on one side. Individual is very sensitive to light , encounter nausea and vomiting. It feels very often that the body doesn’t function, and can be very excruciating for a longer period of time.

Autonomic Nervous system has two divisions:

  • Sympathetic System- flight / fight mechanisms that protect our body
  • Parasympathetic System – creates state of relaxation, calmness, or sleeping state.

The two systems are antagonistic, with one exception when they work synchronously-during sexual act.

 When Sympathetic System arouses, breathing increases, pupils dilate, hart palpitates. Blood vines in hands and feet become constricted ,they shut off. This goes back to primitive man threaten by a predator, or gets cut in a rock or thorn so won’t bleed to death.The stomach and the colon also constrict, we don’t need the digestive system during fight/flight.

When we get vasoconstriction in extremities, we have vasodilatation in cranial arteries. These pulsations cause the migraine headaches.

 Migraines and tension headaches are crying syndromes, and appear when we have the inability to make a descision about something that we consider life threatening, something that we don’t want to see ,hear or feel. The subconscious creates migraines to protect us emotionally. Hypnotherapy uses thermo biofeedback to transfer the warmth from the head to different parts of the body – usually hands and fingers, so the individual can handle much better the symptoms.