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Hypnotherapy sole

Sessions can take place
- At the Office: 27 Roytec Rd., Unit 7B    
   Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada, L4L 8E3
- In the Comfort of Your Own Home
- Via Skype : hypnotherapysole
- By phone
In this page you can access and download free of charge Hynpnotherapy sessions and Scripts for various area of vocational and avocational self-improvement.

Here is a clip about plasticity of human brain, how and how long it takes for a learning of subconscious mind to be change: bicycle. If you want to download the video, please right click on the video, and go to "Save Video As...". Enjoy it!                                           

Smoking Cessation Sessions

The Smoking Session Program contains video and audio clips with Hypnotherapy sessions for stop smoking. The subject is myself, and this is a real program which I followed to stop smoking. Following the steps I succeeded to stop smoking after 20 years. You can do that too if you are a smoker. But before you start, please contact me to tailor the program for yourself.

Session 1
- video - Interview the subject and create a hypnotherapy plan
                   - audio
Session 2 - video - After the first day of hypnotherapy
                   - audio
Session 3 - video - Resistance to quit smoking
                   - audio
Session 4 - video - Aversion hypnotherapy against smoking
                   - audio
Session 5 - video - Replacing smoking habit with drinking water
                   - audio


Live Hypnotherapy Sessions

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