I am  Aurelian Gerogescu, I am certified hypnotherapist and I am specialized in smoking cessation, weight loss, pain management, self improvement, concentration in learning and sports , working with children ,hand writing analysis, Neuro linguistic programming- NLP, and other areas of Hypnotherapy.

I have studied and have been trained by exceptional instructors and coaches from hypnosis motivation institutes,Tarzana, California, USA.

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I want to share with you what brought me in the field of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.Several year back I went through a not so pleasant period in life which led me to anger, depression, anxiety all at once and one after another. I barely could convince myself to get going with my life. Didn’t know what to do, didn’t want to go to a doctor or a therapist, I was resisting, afraid, refusing to accept that I might have a problem. I was just accepting my faith. Until one day when I was searching for explanations, and answers to why everything bad happens to me. Why do I have to suffer, be unhappy, have all the problems in the world, when everybody around me was just fine.

I landed on HMI website ,and start watching clips about Hypnosis, and Hypnotherapy.It caught my attention. Before I knew ,I subscribed for a free membership, enrolled in free one week initial training, and graduated. Wow it was amazing! I then opted for full one year training.The fog over my eyes and my mind started disappearing, I was back to life. I understood how I function, why do I behave as I behave, and what do I have to do to change something in my life that I don’t like I have learnt and gained experience not only in how I can improve my life, but also how can I help others. I have now the abilities to change someone’s  behaviours, habits to improve various aspects of life.

If you have an issue, most likely I can help. Hypnotherapy has a solution for any area of human life.

I want to help human beings to live a better life . So why don’t you ,when it is so easy and so affordable! We are each one of us unique. Each one of us life has ups and downs, issues and problems, but if you look closely we are all alike. Each issue is common to other people too. We like to copy and we are suggestible to ourselves and to others.

Some of the issues can be solved in one session, while others demand a medium or long period of therapy. I am sometimes amazed how somebody can live years and years with a problem and not looking for help. I was once in that same situation myself, but I have opened my eyes. Nothing is more amazing , more natural, and more beneficial than Hypnotherapy. Trust me, I have been there ,I have done that!.

Contact me and let’s explore the possibilities, it is free of charge!

The first session , and the initial phone consultation are courtesy of Hypnotherapy sole!

Thank you ,and enjoy every moment of living!

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