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Overcome Resistance

    You probably have something in your life that you would like to change, wouldn't you. Perhaps you want more confidence, better health, more abundance, a better life, don't you. And maybe you have tried to change, but it has not worked. Resistance takes place every time we try to change our mind, or our body. Homeostasis - tendency to remain the same opposes our desire to be better.

Change is so difficult because the subconscious mind doesn't want to change

   Yes, the conscious - 12% of the mind - wants to change, but the subconscious - 88% wants to stay the same. So what do we do, give up? No, that is why sports professionals train intensively, students repeat over and over to learn. It takes a lot of time and effort to get the subconscious to admit the change. That is the reason wishful thinking, power of will motivational speaches rarely work. 

   I have good news! There is a way to work directly with subconscious, to change the script of your life, to change a bad habit, to improve your performance, to get more money, to become healthier, to be happier, in a short period of time, permanent and effortless. Thru Hypnotherapy!
What is Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is the art of rewriting unconscious programs, very effective set of tools and strategies used to transform subconscious mind into a powerful goal machine. A goal machine that works behind the scenes, 24/7, to create positive, lasting changes in our lives.

  It is well known that any dysfunction of the mind will induce a dysfunction in the body. The reciprocal is true, any issue, illness or even discomfort felt in the body will directly affect the normal function of the mind.

   Mainstream of scientific medicine deals with either one or the other, cannot cure mind and body at the same time. You have a pain; you go to a body specialist. You have a headache, migraine or a chronic brain illness; you go to a head specialist.

   What happened when somebody have a fear of dentist, a fear of flying, cannot quit smoking, or low confidence, low self-esteem. No approach of conscious mind, wishful thinking or medication - smoking patch - will have the marvelous effect of Hypnotherapy!

What is Hypnosis

   Hypnosis entails a process of relaxing the mind and body to induce a trance-like state where our normal “information filters,” go into suspension. In doing so, we temporarily open a “doorway” into the subconscious mind, and we become very receptive to new information. Hence, we can implant new ideas directly into the subconscious mind via suggestions and creative visualizations.   
   As these new ideas are continuously flowed into the subconscious, the old programs weaken and begin venting out of the mind. As a result, the new ideas become accepted as known, and begin influencing us at the subconscious level. In other words, we start acting in the new desired way on “autopilot.” 
And best of all, hypnosis is actually quite easy. It just takes a bit of conditioning, and a commitment to engage in the process on a regular basis. If you do, positive change becomes inevitable, and you become someone who exercises more conscious control over your life.
Remember, before you see change in world around you, you must see change within yourself, and Hypnotherapy can help you become the change you wish to see.

Start investing in yourself, you worth it!
Why not starting right now investing in yourself. It is easy, effortless, and free the first session.
Pick up the phone and call toll free 1-844-415-7124 or by email help@hypnotherapysole.com.
If you don`t feel like, resistance takes place.
Overcome resistance by giving Hypnotherapy a try, you will be amazed of the results!
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